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We have several varieties of ants in our area. Little tiny sugar, odorous, pharaoh to the big harvester, and Carpenter Ants. Carpenter Ants have evolved with time and have taken on different appearances. They can be truly black large-and-in-charge kind of ants. They can also be almost translucent, brown, red, black and brown, red and black… and most of the time when we are having problems seeing sawdust and what particles in or around our homes it is from Carpenter Ants.

This can be taken care of in a multitude of ways. We can do spray services, granule services, or a mixture of both. We can track down a nest to help eliminate the source. We can also prevent them from being able to penetrate the home. Do not take Carpenter Ants lightly – With my experience, I have witnessed the destruction of a deck in one year’s time. The collapse caused a multitude of injuries.

We have had an influx of ants in and around our homes, offices, and places we frequently spend time in. With a multitude of products and experience at our fingertips, Lady Bug Pest Control is able to get things under control quickly.

Earwig Exterminator in Montrose COEarwigs

Big problems from a little bug. Yes, we take care of earwigs. These little bugs can present a big problem. These nocturnal bugs can scurry in homes from under door gaps and windows with screens that do not fit tightly, around faucets, and other access points.

Earwigs like moist, damp locations to be able to hide out during the day. Piles of leaves or debris that layup against the foundation of the home is the perfect environment for these critters – along with others such as spiders, pill bug, crickets, fungal gnats, etc. Potential homes for these creepy crawlies include piles of wood, plants and bushes, stored equipment, and anything that is up against or around the home.

Earwigs feed on a variety of plants and fungi, therefore, if we illuminate areas that harbor these pests, we will be able to keep these night stalkers where they belong… Away from our gardens and the interior of our home.

wasp and hornet exterminator in montrose coWasps, Hornets, and Bees

We have had a number of incidents lately with wasps, hornets, and bees.

Honeybees are our friends – They are usually docile and give us warnings before they have to sting us. They will fly against us and bounce off to let us know that they are there. Wasps and hornets on the other hand can sting multiple times without warning. Their sting burns and if we are allergic, that can last a number of days swollen and inflamed.

We can eliminate these guys from being able to harbor around your home or office… And please let us know the areas of concern when you call, but we will hunt them down and eradicate them.

spider exterminator montrose coSpiders

These creatures can be so beneficial when left alone in areas that we would not disturb them. Consider letting these guys harbor outside of a garden or a pile of debris away from our home. They are efficient predators, but we do understand that most of these critters can have a nasty bite. An old wives tale says that brown recluses live in Colorado and in my 30+ years that we have been doing pest control services, I have not found one alive or nesting! That doesn’t mean that they cannot come on belongings from other areas or construction material. However, due to our climate, our winters, and the lack of humidity, it is not probable that they could make this area their home.

All spiders have venom – that’s how they eat their prey. Most of the spiders we have around here are not a danger to humans. There are a few, such as Black Widows and Hobo Spiders, that have a little bit more of a kick on humans. Most spiders have the ability to bite and inject their prey. Therefore, we should leave the ones that do not harm us to do the job of pest maintenance and only put out products to control those unwanted crawlers around our homes, offices, and places we frequent. It is pretty common during one of our service visits to see one of our crew relocating an Orb Weaver or “Cat Faced Spider” to save it from our products. Fumigating the interior of the crawlspace, home, shed, garage will help control the unwanted guys and doing a spray service will control for a longer period of time.